I collaborate in the Smart Tourism Destination project, financed by the European Commission, as a European expert.

In this project I advise and guide European tourism
destinations to become smart, mainly through improved
tourism strategy, data management and on how the use of
data contributes to the digital and smart transformation of the sector. I collaborate in Science in Parliament in the field of
scientific advice.

I enable destinations to increase opportunities linked to the
availability and productive use of data and digital technologies for sustainability, resilience and competitiveness of the tourism ecosystem.

Estrella Diaz Smart Tourism Destinos


The opportunities created can lead to new business through:

  • The implementation of innovative ecosystems.
  • Better destination management, in terms of increased
    capacity to manage flows, infrastructure, transportation
    systems and services using data and information.
  • The provision of more customized experiences, the
    development of new tourism products and services
    also based on visitor feedback.


This line has had a major impact on tourism destinations in the European Union and Latin America, providing them with
assistance in adopting data-driven approaches to become smart destinations or improve their quality.


It has been considered relevant:

  • Adopting new technologies and data-driven approaches.
  • Promoting smart, responsible and sustainable tourism.
  • Understanding current and future tourism challenges
    through data management.
  • Fostering collaboration among tourism destinations on
    data management and reuse, promoting capacity building and a knowledge base to inform urban tourism policies and strategies.

All these elements have been based on a series of pillars such as strategy, governance, skills and training, data, infrastructure and technology, as well as the different collaborations between the actors involved in a destination.